If you dare to make a boat trip as we have done, it is better that you take into account these indications that we give you and that is the result of our experience after having made a fishing boat excursion with our children. Taking a boat tour is a unique experience that anyone can enjoy. If you have not yet travelled by boat, but are thinking of doing so, the following tips may be useful for your trip.

Take Water, A Cap And Some Coat

The sun is very hot, but sometimes the sea ​​breeze is so cool that something needs to be put in order not to be cold. There are boats in which you sell sodas and snacks, but not all of them and, in addition, when they sell them, they are usually at prices much higher than those you will pay in a supermarket.

Sunscreen Is A Must

Remember that the surface of the sea acts as a mirror, reflecting the light and increasing the effect of the sun on your skin. Apply it half an hour before boarding so that your skin has time to absorb it and be effective.

Wears Sunglasses

Not only for adults but also for children, they are highly recommended. Children have the most sensitive eyes and sometimes the importance due to their protection is not given, always with glasses that really protect, not toy.

Dizziness Pills

The smaller the boat is, and the more choppy the sea is, the more likely it is that the prone people will get dizzy. Do not risk: go to a pharmacy and give them a pill against dizziness half an hour before the trip. These boats have services, but you certainly won’t want to spend the trip in there.

Don’t Get To The Ship With Just The Right Time

Think that if you go by car, you will have to park it nearby. Also, if you arrive soon, you can choose the seats you want; if you arrive when everyone has embarked, or you will have worse seats or, if you go in a group, you may not be able to sit with your family or friends.

Find Out About The Route

If the tour has a cultural content, read something before. Public address systems count things in several languages, so their explanations are very concise, and they don’t always sound good.

How to avoid dizziness

Many people experience dizziness during their sailing trips. These tips can help you reduce them:

  • It is advisable to take a short boat trip before hiring your sailboat trip to see how your body reacts. Many people get dizzy very easily. For them, a sailing trip is not recommended.
  • Eat breakfast well, and an empty stomach will make dizziness worse.
  • Take care of the sun, since the heat makes the dizziness worse. Wear a hat to cover your head.
  • Visit your doctor before leaving, telling you about your trip, to recommend, if you need it, any medication that prevents dizziness.

Ten Powerful Reasons To Go Sightseeing

Have you been thinking about travelling the world for a few months but don’t you dare to take the plunge?

Quiet, we know from experience that it is not an easy decision. It is not easy to turn your back on the system and do something that is not what we are supposed to do.


Very easy, because it was what the body asked us, because we wanted it and because it motivated us. But in addition to the personal motivation you may have (the most important thing without a doubt), there are also other reasons why we believe that everyone should take a long trip at least once in a lifetime, so we give you ten reasons (of weight) so that you are encouraged to live what will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life.


Fears are normal and very important so that, for example, you don’t swim in front of a crocodile, if you do that you could end up being part of their menu. But there is one that our society, either directly or indirectly, has been determined to catapult at the top, we speak of the “UNCERTAINTY”.


We spend most of our lives working, from home to work and from work to home, always living the same movie and sometimes that movie can be tremendously boring. If you are tired of this hamster life that seems we have lived, get out of the cage. You are not a hamster, and you can choose and decide.

The amount of time the average person spends commuting to work is increasing.  Combined with 40+ hours a week working an unfulfilling job, you just need to take a break once in a while.

We know that the decision is not easy, it may involve spending several years saving as we did but if you really want to break the routine, do not hesitate, travelling the world is one of the complete experiences that exist to achieve it.


When you work and live in a fixed place, you have a series of obligations, schedules and rules that make up your routine that you must follow yes or yes. Your free time is reduced to hours away from work and on weekends.

We know that one way or another for most that “routine” moment comes, but why not allow ourselves the pleasure of, at least once in our life, feeling free? Travelling, you can get close to what we call freedom.

You can even get a benefits from being a little silly, like taking a Seattle sightseeing tour on a Duck boat.

When you can decide at every moment how, when and where you want to be, when you lose track of time, when you get rid of the imposed social norms, that is when you have the feeling that you take charge of your life. When you feel real freedom, it gives you such pleasure and satisfaction that everything else is left over.


If we had to carry every day in tow all the things we have we would learn to live with much less. That’s something you learn when you travel, what fits in your backpack is everything and how much you have.

Before you put something in, you think carefully if you really need it, because gram you put in, gram weighs.

And you’ll just feel better not having some much clutter in your life.


There are people who come a moment choose to stand where they are, but there are others that curiosity leads them to know other places, other cultures, other realities. As children, this vital impulse allows us to build ourselves, but when we grow up, it helps us to expand that mind that we already have built.

When you open your mind, you are able to understand and respect other points of view, understand other ways of doing and understanding life. You have the ability to see that there is a wider range of possibilities because you do not judge the alien based on the known. Travelling makes you more empathetic and enriches you in every way.


By inevitably travelling, your mind opens up to new knowledge, and you live new experiences, you discover new ways of doing, thinking, feeling … All that often clashes with your way of seeing things and understanding The world leads you to rethink, to question yourself, many things that you take for granted.

You refuse to accept in response to your questions a “because it has always been done that way”, that unsubstantiated statement no longer serves you. You become nonconformist, because you have more arguments, more knowledge to justify that it doesn’t have to be that way. Questioning what is established is good, it is the first step to grow, to enrich yourself and ultimately not to stagnate in the past and evolve at the same pace as the world evolves.


With experience comes change. You will notice over time when you look back and observe the changes you have made. Travelling opens your eyes to the fact that we are all people regardless of the place of the world where we were born, having that real contact and not only an abstract idea increases your awareness above all of the inequalities in the world, you become more altruistic, more tolerant, more respectful and you learn to relativize many problems that are sometimes less than we think.

As you go through all kinds of situations and you have no choice but to adapt, you become more flexible, and then you adapt to everything. Being you who makes the decisions, you learn to take responsibility for the consequences, but above all, you learn from your mistakes. Without realizing it, you are doing a master’s degree in the best university in the world, life.


When you make a trip, you not only move from one point to another on the map and enter into a contract with people from different cultures, you also make an inner journey and come into contact with the essence of oneself. Each of us is who we are because of the place where we were born, as children, we absorb our environment and develop based on that.

One of the best personal experiences you have when travelling is to have the opportunity to see and feel who you are away from that environment that has created you.  This is a great article about personal growth with travel if you’d like to learn more:

When you are able to observe how you act without anything or anyone to condition you, when you listen to what your body asks you without censoring it for “what I owe” according to your society, when you have time to talk only with yourself, then you begin that journey of Know yourself.


When you travel, you enter a new dimension in which you are exposed and open to everything. A beach, a bus, a bar, a hostel (you can find a good list of hostels here, a shop … any place and situation are good to meet amazing people who like you, share the same passion, travel. It is precisely when you travel the world that a lot of people are known and unless you hide behind the street lamps get ready to meet many new people.

Another good way to make new friends is through the couchsurfing platform, a website with which you will meet incredible people who without knowing you anything will open the doors of their house to stay for free, a project of which we are very fans. Whether with or without couchsurfing, one thing is for sure, travelling will expand your circle of friendships.


The world is too beautiful to stay at home and not go out to see it, don’t you think? There are places that, although we have seen them hundreds of times in photos, magazines or documentaries, should be seen and enjoyed in person.


Houston, Texas, is a destination that combines art, culture, entertainment, nature and shopping. This great metropolis of Texas may seem overwhelming at first sight. But with a little research, you will discover that there is much to do in the city of Bayou. Houston is home to the Houston Space Center, NASA’s astronaut training complex and flight control complex, as well as a bustling historic district, full of 19th-century architecture and exclusive restaurants, and some museums and spaces World-class art, like the reverent Rothko Chapel. Whether it’s your first time in this great city of Texas or your tenth, there is always something new to discover. Here is our list of the 16 best things to do in Houston.

  1. Take a trip out of this world

At NASA’s Space Center, you can feel in the stars thanks to the exhibitions, conferences and activities it offers. Do not miss the opportunity to get on the space simulator and meet more than four hundred spaceships from its permanent exhibition.

  1. Meet Downtown Aquarium

On your visit to Houston, you must visit the Downtown Aquarium, an incredible complex that houses a water carousel, the Shark Voyage, a beautiful Ferris wheel and an exhibition of White Tigers of the Maharaja. In addition, it is home to more than 400 species from the Gulf of Mexico, rainforests and the Louisiana swamp. You will also find a restaurant with a rich menu consisting of sea and land dishes.

  1. Visit NRG Stadium, formerly known as Reliant Stadium

For sports lovers, the visit to the Houston Texans football stadium should be at the top of their priority list, and if it is during the game season, it will be much better, although the offer of shows does not stop throughout the year.

  1. Houston has great museums, plan your visit

In the Houston Museum District, you will find 19 museums that you can reach through the METRORail, a light rail that connects to the enclosures that are also within walking distance. You can start the tour of the Museum of Fine Arts – Houston Museum of Fine Arts – which is the oldest in the city; The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston – Houston Museum of Contemporary Art – could be the second on the list. Visit his shop and get out of there with the perfect gifts and memories of the trip. If you travel with children, don’t miss the Children’s Museum, where the little ones will have fun without stopping with the wide range of interactive activities.

  1. A day of shopping in the Houston Malls

The Galleria is the largest mall in Houston and one of the largest in the United States. With more than 350 stores and an annual flow of visitors of 24 million, we assure you that you will find whatever you are looking for. Be it designer clothes, shops specializing in technology or stores dedicated to the little ones; In addition, its culinary offer consists of more than 30 restaurants; so there is no way you go out on an empty stomach or hands. The Galleria also has two hotels and an ice skating rink. On its official site, you can find all the details. The weather in Texas is extreme, and we advise you to check the forecast to make your trip a success.

  1. Downtown Aquarium

Here, freshwater sailors can make a tempting journey through colourful and captivating underwater landscapes, so varied that they include wrecks and tanks full of red-bellied piranhas, poisonous rays and creepy sharks.

  1. Houston Museum of Natural Science

For something, the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences is one of the most visited museums in the United States. The museum houses four floors of exhibition halls, including the Morian Paleontology Hall, the Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals, and much more.

  1. Houston Zoo

With a collection of more than 6000 animals, including elephants, red pandas, chimpanzees and rhinos, the Houston Zoo is a must-see when you’re in town. Use the free app for smartphones with GPS to improve your experience.

  1. The Children’s Museum of Houston

Parents magazine rated the Houston Children’s Museum as the nation’s No. 1 children’s museum. The CMH hosts 14 interactive exhibits designed for children.

  1. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

The Waterwall, located next to the Galleria, is a gigantic work of art that inspires hearts. The twenty-meter semicircular fountain recirculates forty thousand litres of water that flows through the interior and exterior walls of the structure every minute.

  1. Hermann park

Located in the heart of Houston, the 180-hectare Hermann Park is the city’s most important green public space and welcomes more than six million visitors a year.

  1. Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park is an excellent place to watch a baseball game. You can see, at the same time a home run and a train with oranges. The retractable roof offers beautiful sunny skies when time permits and keeps viewers dry when there is inclement weather.

  1. NRG Stadium

Everything is bigger in Texas, and when you are in the largest city of the second largest state in the country, a Texan football game is a big part of the experience. Texas football-inspired some of the best movies and television shows.

  1. Toyota Center

The only team that could offer Texas fierce fans a good competition is the Houston Rockets. Hooded in red, Rockets fans and players feel at home at the Toyota Center.

  1. Market Square Park

Market Square Park is an outdoor getaway from the concrete and asphalt of the big city and is in a convenient location in downtown Houston. Take a walk through Market Square Park, bring a Frisbee or pack a lunch to enjoy a picnic in the sun.

  1. Buffalo Bayou Park

In Buffalo Bayou Park you will find the best of both worlds: a sensational view on the city skyline and a cool outdoor setting. Green trees and a great skate park, a track for cycling and jogging and a fountain that looks like a steamy dandelion: all this makes Buffalo Bayou Park an excellent destination.

Step-On BusTours Guide

Customized bus and auto tours start and end “where you are” – your hotel or other convenient meeting place. Sites visited may include historic homes, buildings, and sites that make your visit to Lake Union truly enjoyable. You dictate the tour stops and length of tour. You arrange the bus (recommended: Al Snyder Tours of Seattle), we provide the History!


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History Talks on Lake Union

Historic Talks

The author of seven books and numerous articles on Lake Union history, Professor Macer does talks for groups of any size on a variety of topics. Popular topics include: Hell’s Half-Acre, Lake Union’s African-American Community, Saloons, Military Heritage, and Outlaws & Lawmen. Talks can be tied to a tour (walking or bus). Fees are negotiable. Workshops (a series of talks with Q&A) on Lake Union’s rich history/heritage can also be arranged.


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