If you dare to make a boat trip as we have done, it is better that you take into account these indications that we give you and that is the result of our experience after having made a fishing boat excursion with our children. Taking a boat tour is a unique experience that anyone can enjoy. If you have not yet travelled by boat, but are thinking of doing so, the following tips may be useful for your trip.

Take Water, A Cap And Some Coat

The sun is very hot, but sometimes the sea ​​breeze is so cool that something needs to be put in order not to be cold. There are boats in which you sell sodas and snacks, but not all of them and, in addition, when they sell them, they are usually at prices much higher than those you will pay in a supermarket.

Sunscreen Is A Must

Remember that the surface of the sea acts as a mirror, reflecting the light and increasing the effect of the sun on your skin. Apply it half an hour before boarding so that your skin has time to absorb it and be effective.

Wears Sunglasses

Not only for adults but also for children, they are highly recommended. Children have the most sensitive eyes and sometimes the importance due to their protection is not given, always with glasses that really protect, not toy.

Dizziness Pills

The smaller the boat is, and the more choppy the sea is, the more likely it is that the prone people will get dizzy. Do not risk: go to a pharmacy and give them a pill against dizziness half an hour before the trip. These boats have services, but you certainly won’t want to spend the trip in there.

Don’t Get To The Ship With Just The Right Time

Think that if you go by car, you will have to park it nearby. Also, if you arrive soon, you can choose the seats you want; if you arrive when everyone has embarked, or you will have worse seats or, if you go in a group, you may not be able to sit with your family or friends.

Find Out About The Route

If the tour has a cultural content, read something before. Public address systems count things in several languages, so their explanations are very concise, and they don’t always sound good.

How to avoid dizziness

Many people experience dizziness during their sailing trips. These tips can help you reduce them:

  • It is advisable to take a short boat trip before hiring your sailboat trip to see how your body reacts. Many people get dizzy very easily. For them, a sailing trip is not recommended.
  • Eat breakfast well, and an empty stomach will make dizziness worse.
  • Take care of the sun, since the heat makes the dizziness worse. Wear a hat to cover your head.
  • Visit your doctor before leaving, telling you about your trip, to recommend, if you need it, any medication that prevents dizziness.