Ten Powerful Reasons To Go Sightseeing

Have you been thinking about travelling the world for a few months but don’t you dare to take the plunge?

Quiet, we know from experience that it is not an easy decision. It is not easy to turn your back on the system and do something that is not what we are supposed to do.


Very easy, because it was what the body asked us, because we wanted it and because it motivated us. But in addition to the personal motivation you may have (the most important thing without a doubt), there are also other reasons why we believe that everyone should take a long trip at least once in a lifetime, so we give you ten reasons (of weight) so that you are encouraged to live what will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life.


Fears are normal and very important so that, for example, you don’t swim in front of a crocodile, if you do that you could end up being part of their menu. But there is one that our society, either directly or indirectly, has been determined to catapult at the top, we speak of the “UNCERTAINTY”.


We spend most of our lives working, from home to work and from work to home, always living the same movie and sometimes that movie can be tremendously boring. If you are tired of this hamster life that seems we have lived, get out of the cage. You are not a hamster, and you can choose and decide.

The amount of time the average person spends commuting to work is increasing.  Combined with 40+ hours a week working an unfulfilling job, you just need to take a break once in a while.

We know that the decision is not easy, it may involve spending several years saving as we did but if you really want to break the routine, do not hesitate, travelling the world is one of the complete experiences that exist to achieve it.


When you work and live in a fixed place, you have a series of obligations, schedules and rules that make up your routine that you must follow yes or yes. Your free time is reduced to hours away from work and on weekends.

We know that one way or another for most that “routine” moment comes, but why not allow ourselves the pleasure of, at least once in our life, feeling free? Travelling, you can get close to what we call freedom.

You can even get a benefits from being a little silly, like taking a Seattle sightseeing tour on a Duck boat.

When you can decide at every moment how, when and where you want to be, when you lose track of time, when you get rid of the imposed social norms, that is when you have the feeling that you take charge of your life. When you feel real freedom, it gives you such pleasure and satisfaction that everything else is left over.


If we had to carry every day in tow all the things we have we would learn to live with much less. That’s something you learn when you travel, what fits in your backpack is everything and how much you have.

Before you put something in, you think carefully if you really need it, because gram you put in, gram weighs.

And you’ll just feel better not having some much clutter in your life.


There are people who come a moment choose to stand where they are, but there are others that curiosity leads them to know other places, other cultures, other realities. As children, this vital impulse allows us to build ourselves, but when we grow up, it helps us to expand that mind that we already have built.

When you open your mind, you are able to understand and respect other points of view, understand other ways of doing and understanding life. You have the ability to see that there is a wider range of possibilities because you do not judge the alien based on the known. Travelling makes you more empathetic and enriches you in every way.


By inevitably travelling, your mind opens up to new knowledge, and you live new experiences, you discover new ways of doing, thinking, feeling … All that often clashes with your way of seeing things and understanding The world leads you to rethink, to question yourself, many things that you take for granted.

You refuse to accept in response to your questions a “because it has always been done that way”, that unsubstantiated statement no longer serves you. You become nonconformist, because you have more arguments, more knowledge to justify that it doesn’t have to be that way. Questioning what is established is good, it is the first step to grow, to enrich yourself and ultimately not to stagnate in the past and evolve at the same pace as the world evolves.


With experience comes change. You will notice over time when you look back and observe the changes you have made. Travelling opens your eyes to the fact that we are all people regardless of the place of the world where we were born, having that real contact and not only an abstract idea increases your awareness above all of the inequalities in the world, you become more altruistic, more tolerant, more respectful and you learn to relativize many problems that are sometimes less than we think.

As you go through all kinds of situations and you have no choice but to adapt, you become more flexible, and then you adapt to everything. Being you who makes the decisions, you learn to take responsibility for the consequences, but above all, you learn from your mistakes. Without realizing it, you are doing a master’s degree in the best university in the world, life.


When you make a trip, you not only move from one point to another on the map and enter into a contract with people from different cultures, you also make an inner journey and come into contact with the essence of oneself. Each of us is who we are because of the place where we were born, as children, we absorb our environment and develop based on that.

One of the best personal experiences you have when travelling is to have the opportunity to see and feel who you are away from that environment that has created you.  This is a great article about personal growth with travel if you’d like to learn more: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/5-reasons-why-travel-is-important-for-personal-development/

When you are able to observe how you act without anything or anyone to condition you, when you listen to what your body asks you without censoring it for “what I owe” according to your society, when you have time to talk only with yourself, then you begin that journey of Know yourself.


When you travel, you enter a new dimension in which you are exposed and open to everything. A beach, a bus, a bar, a hostel (you can find a good list of hostels here https://www.hostelworld.com/findabed.php/ChosenCity.Seattle/ChosenCountry.USA), a shop … any place and situation are good to meet amazing people who like you, share the same passion, travel. It is precisely when you travel the world that a lot of people are known and unless you hide behind the street lamps get ready to meet many new people.

Another good way to make new friends is through the couchsurfing platform, a website with which you will meet incredible people who without knowing you anything will open the doors of their house to stay for free, a project of which we are very fans. Whether with or without couchsurfing, one thing is for sure, travelling will expand your circle of friendships.


The world is too beautiful to stay at home and not go out to see it, don’t you think? There are places that, although we have seen them hundreds of times in photos, magazines or documentaries, should be seen and enjoyed in person.


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